Neosensory’s advanced hearing technology has been approved for Department of Veterans Affairs clinic locations across the country. This arrangement allows audiologists and other medical providers to distribute Neosensory’s hearing loss and tinnitus solutions to millions of American veterans.

Hearing problems are a common service-related disability reported by veterans to the VA – specifically, chronic ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus, and hearing loss. Serving near loud machinery, gunfire, and explosions can damage the inner ear and lead to the development of tinnitus, hearing loss, and even deafness. Neosensory offers help for all these conditions through different programs on their wristband solution, which uses haptic technology (patterns of vibration on the skin) to help users experience sound, understand conversations, and reduce ringing in the ears.

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Neosensory’s hearing solutions include:

Neosensory Duo uses bimodal stimulation (two forms of sensory input) to teach a user’s brain to ignore the phantom noise caused by tinnitus. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in a double-blind, peer-reviewed study published in the International Tinnitus Journal. In eight weeks users find significant relief from tinnitus by wearing the band and listening to tones from Neosensory’s mobile app for 10 minutes per day, according to the company.

Neosensory Clarify listens to speech and translates high-frequency sounds into specific patterns felt on the wrist. Over a period of weeks users begin to more clearly hear what is being said. Clarify users report needing their hearing aids less or not at all after using the band.

Neosensory Sound Awareness allows a user to experience all sounds around them, which is especially useful for those who are deaf or profoundly hard of hearing. The wristband uses millions of unique vibrational patterns to identify specific sounds around the wearer. After an adjustment period, those who cannot hear with their ears can easily identify sounds such as cars, a baby crying, door bells ringing, and much more.

**DISCLAIMER: The information in this post is not endorsed or approved by the US Government or Department of Veterans Affairs. Registration via allows Neosensory to bid on contracts with government entities, including the VA, but the company has not yet bid on VA contracts. If VA providers would like to order Neosensory solutions, an account must be set up with individual VA sites for off contract ordering. Any previous use of the VA logo or insinuation of VA approval was unintended and not representative of Neosensory’s current relationship with the VA.

Featured image: Neosensory Duo. Photo: Neosensory