Singular Hearing, a subsidiary of Singular Software and creator of HeardThat, unveiled the launch of its HeardThat Professional Program for the audiologist community. Stemming from conversations with hearing health professionals for additional technology alternatives, this program enables audiologists to offer additional value to patients who have difficulty hearing speech in noise, the company says.

Leveraging AI for Hearing Assistance

HeardThat developers have trained deep learning models on thousands of hours of recordings to learn the difference between speech and noise, the company says. This type of AI requires an incredible amount of power to run, so HeardThat offloads the processing power to smartphones—iPhones and Android. 

The app turns a phone into a remote microphone with powerful noise-handling abilities. It works with listening devices patients already own, like earbuds, headphones, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, or cochlear implants. This eliminates the need for another hearing-assistive device.

For Those With and Without Hearing Aids

For patients with hearing aids, the HeardThat app boosts the device’s power to better separate speech from noise. For patients that don’t have or need hearing aids, HeardThat provides an easy, discrete way to follow conversations in noisy places like restaurants, through the use of earbuds, headphones or any over-the-counter hearing device.

What’s Included in the License

The HeardThat Professional Program delivers:

  • A perpetual license for HeardThat to use in the office
  • An additional free license to provide to a family member
  • Free units of future HeardThat accessories in development
  • Technical support from the HeardThat team

“The HeardThat Professional Program strengthens our partnership with the audiologist community and makes our app more available to people who want to experience effortless conversations in noisy places,” says HeardThat founder and CEO Bruce Sharpe. “I’ve seen friends and family members who still have trouble following conversations whether or not they have hearing aids. Together, we can offer new options to change that.”

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Photo: The HeardThat App