Signia announced it will match up to $25,000 in donations on December 30, 2022, to benefit Fisher House Foundation. If the goal is reached, the foundation will receive a total of $50,000 to aid its mission of building homes near military and VA medical facilities to offer free, convenient, and comfortable accommodations for military families while a loved one receives care. 

According to John Murray, Signia’s vice president of government services, the donation to Fisher House Foundation is one of many ways the company is supporting and celebrating the service of the brave men and women of the US armed forces.

“At Signia, we understand that many of our veterans and active military members require and deserve medical treatment related to their service,” Murray said. “By supporting the mission of Fisher House Foundation, we aim to help to make the lives of veterans, service members, and their families easier when they need care. With free accommodations, their families can focus on recovery and support instead of where to stay nearby. We welcome members of the public, with the means, to join us in giving back to this important cause.”

“Fisher House Foundation is grateful for Signia’s matching gift on December 30 that doubles the impact for our generous donors,” said Ken Fisher, Chairman and CEO of Fisher House Foundation. “Signia’s commitment to the military and veteran community has been more than significant. They truly value and appreciate all our military heroes have sacrificed and, like Fisher House, believe they deserve the best quality of life possible.”

Recognizing that many veterans’ and active military members’ hearing loss is related to the bravery and contributions they made to secure our freedom, Signia strives to create the best innovations possible to deliver veterans and active military members the freedom to live their lives to the fullest.

Signia’s donation and match program comes on the heels of the company’s recent launch of its new Signia Styletto AX hearing aids, which are available to military veterans through the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) audiologists, as well as audiologists within the US Department of Defense (DoD) for active military members, and the Indian Health Service (IHS) for Native Americans.

Styletto AX features “the world’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid with a slim and stylish design that breaks down stigma.” Styletto AX — along with all hearing aids on the Augmented Xperience platform — features My WellBeing, a new capability that “goes beyond better hearing to empower veterans and service members to stay healthy in mind and body,” and CallControl, which gives them the freedom to participate in other activities while taking phone calls using Signia HandsFree. 

The My WellBeing feature actively tracks key health & wellness metrics such as level of social engagement (My Conversations), hearing aid wear-time consistency (My WearTime), number of steps taken (My Steps), and overall level of physical activity (My Activity).

Service members can use this information to “enhance their lifestyles in ways that can improve their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.” My WellBeing also encourages consistent hearing aid use by bringing awareness to just how significant healthy hearing is to maintaining overall health and wellness. 

“Developing iconic hearing aid innovations is just the beginning of our journey to give back to our country’s service members,” added Mike O’Neil, president of Signia US. “We don’t just want to help brave veterans and active military members hear better, we want to help them and their families live better. Through the generosity of the public and our valued partners, our donation match program for Fisher House Foundation will help provide comfort and peace of mind for families involved in military-related hospital treatments.”

Individuals interested in making matched donations to Fisher House Foundation can sign up here to receive donation instructions from Signia on December 30. 

Source: Signia

Images: Signia