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Widex Launches Moment BTE R D Hearing Aid

Widex USA Inc announced its “first-ever rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aid offering PureSound, LED indicator, telecoil, and direct streaming to iPhone and Android.” With the new Widex MOMENT BTE R D, patients with “hearing loss from minimal up to severe-to-profound can now benefit from Widex’s unique natural sound processing.”

Sonic to Display Captivate and Trek at EUHA Congress

At the Sonic exhibit (STAND 3A.408), conference participants will be able to experience firsthand how the SoundDNA platform is said to ”bring together Sonic’s most automatic, adaptive, and flexible hearing aid technologies to deliver on Sonic’s 4S Foundation of natural sound, speech understanding in noise, simplicity, and style.”

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Letters: Comments on Hearing Loops

To benefit from the increasing number of properly installed loops, worldwide (one that meet IEC 60118-4), consumers need access to a vertical telecoil with a frequency response that closely matches the microphone sensitivity at equal input levels for the speech frequencies (70 dB SPL vs 100 mA/m inputs)—something called transparency.

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