Starkey® Hearing Technologies, an Eden Prairie, Minn-based hearing technology company, continues to reimagine and revolutionize the patient experience with the new Muse iQ Rechargeable, Starkey announced. Muse iQ Rechargeable was announced January 4 at Starkey’s Hearing Innovation Expo in Las Vegas and is now available to consumers through Starkey’s  global network of hearing professionals and audiologists.

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Designed for ease and convenience, the new Muse iQ Rechargeable 900sync™ technology-enabled wireless hearing aid is reportedly Starkey’s smallest over-the-ear hearing aid to-date, providing high-definition sound, clarity, and presence.

Built on Starkey’s award-winning Synergy® platform and Acuity™ OS operating system, the Muse iQ Rechargeable offers features that include:

  • 30 hours of use with streaming;
  • Fast, full-day charging in less than three hours;
  • A convenient, transportable charging case for rapid 15-minute and “weekend” charges;
  • Telecoil;
  • A CROS rechargeable system for individuals with single-sided hearing loss.

The Muse iQ Rechargeable also offers a user-friendly on/off rocker switch that is designed to enable what Starkey calls “grab-and-go” simplicity.

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“Muse iQ Rechargeable is a true game changer for consumers with hearing loss,” said Achin Bhowmik, Starkey Hearing Technologies Chief Technology Officer and EVP of Engineering. “These tiny but powerful devices redefine rechargeable hearing technology and represent Starkey’s advanced research in neuroscience, virtual reality, audiology, and signal processing. With Muse iQ, we are honored to be able to deliver unparalleled performance, usability, personalization, clarity of sound, and presence, and an array of other features that contribute to improved hearing health and overall well-being.”

Learn more about Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids here.

Source: Starkey

Images: Starkey