Sonic Captivate and Sonic Trek, the newest innovations on the Sonic SoundDNA platform, will be on display at the 2019 European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) Congress in Nuremberg, Germany, October 16-18, Sonic announced. At the Sonic exhibit (STAND 3A.408), conference participants will be able to experience firsthand how the SoundDNA platform is said to ”bring together Sonic’s most automatic, adaptive, and flexible hearing aid technologies to deliver on Sonic’s 4S Foundation of natural sound, speech understanding in noise, simplicity, and style.”
“We want to be a partner to hearing care professionals, working together with them to improve lives through better hearing,” said Carolyn Valentine, Sonic Vice President/General Manager. “By consistently improving and refining each new generation of hearing devices, like the innovations we see in the new Captivate and Trek, we expand that ability. Today, we offer Sonic hearing aids in a wide range of styles that can meet the needs of practically every patient—and all of our products and accessories are true to our 4S Foundation.”

Easier Listening with Fewer Distractions

The new Captivate hearing aid family is said to provide a personalized hearing experience with better feedback and background noise control.  “The advanced processing power of the SoundDNA platform powers innovative new technologies that allow patients to hear their own voices naturally and experience more comfort in noise compared to previous technology,” according to the company’s announcement. A “slim and discreet” miniRITE T R style with a built-in lithium-ion battery reportedly delivers a full day of power on a single charge while streaming TV, music, and more. 

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More Conversations, Connections, and Natural Sound Experiences

The new TrekBTE Super Power (SP) and Ultra Power (UP) are reportedly “the most powerful hearing aids built on the revolutionary SoundDNA platform.” Designed to address the greater auditory demands of users with severe-to-profound hearing loss, Trek is said to help provide natural sound while, at the same time, controlling environmental noise for greater comfort. The new lineup features Sonic’s highest Peak Gain and Maximum Power Output in products to-date, and is available in two performance levels, 80-Advanced and 40-Basic, according to the company.


All Captivate and Trek hearing aids include the Dual-Radio System for 2.4 GHz direct audio streaming with low battery drain. This functionality is said to help allow users to control a variety of wireless operations via the program button, smartphone, or other accessories from Sonic. Captivate and Trek are Made for iPhone hearing aids, and the optional SoundClip-A accessory allows patients to stream sound in stereo from Android and other Bluetooth 2.1 smartphones and devices. Trek hearing aids include a telecoil and are DAI/FM-compatible.

For more information on the Captivate family, including Captivate100, Captivate80, and Captivate60 and the Trek Super Power 80|40 and TrekUltra Power 80|40, visit:

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