Sonic announced its new Captivate hearing aid family, which is said to deliver on the 4S Foundation of natural sound, speech understanding in noise, simplicity, and style to provide a “personalized hearing experience with better feedback and background noise control.”  According to Sonic’s announcement, the processing power of the SoundDNA platform is an “innovative new technology that allows patients to hear their own voices naturally and experience more comfort in noise compared to previous technology.” Joining the lineup in May 2019 will be a new miniRITE T R style with a built-in Lithium-ion battery said to deliver a full day of power on a single charge, even while streaming TV, music, and more.

Open Fit with Less Feedback Risk

With Captivate, Sonic introduces Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro, a new technology that reportedly “minimizes distractions from feedback in both stable and changing conditions and enables more open fittings for a natural, own-voice sound.”  The two systems working together are said to offer feedback cancellation capabilities, especially at higher output levels, compared to previous technology.  While the standard AFC system continually operates in the background to cancel feedback in static conditions, the speed of the new supplementary system adds up to 6 decibels stable gain to manage sudden, unpredictable changes to the feedback path, according to Sonic.

Three Systems Improve Speech Understanding in Noise

Speech-in-Noise (SPiN) Management, a noise reduction system in Captivate, uses three systems working as one to improve speech understanding in noisy environments.  SPiN Directionality, a specialized directional microphone system, is said to automatically activate to locate speech in noise, continually adapting between omni and directional settings as noise moves relative to the listener. SPiN Noise Reduction, a modulation-based algorithm, operates in 16 independent frequency bands, managing noise across the same frequency range as SPiN Directionality.  The third system, SPiN Engage, allows the user to personalize Captivate according to how much noise they are willing to accept in their individual listening environments, according to Sonic. Options vary by technology level, including a new Very High setting that engages at the onset of soft noise levels while the SNR is still high, an option for patients who are very sensitive to noise.

Rechargeability, Style, Simplicity

The new Captivate miniRITE T R is Sonic’s newest rechargeable style on the SoundDNA Platform.  This solution features a built-in telecoil, dual push button, and integrated Lithium-ion battery (312+ battery size) for all-day power, even when streaming from wireless accessories. The charging unit features contactless, inductive charging to deliver 18-plus hours of power with a three-hour charge.  Added conveniences include a power on/off LED indicator, wall charger, and USB 2.0 compliant options for PC, TV, car, and power bank.  The miniRITE T R is available in Captivate 100|80|60 technology levels and includes the latest features found on the SoundDNA platform.

All Captivate technology levels 100|80|60 and styles(miniRITE, miniRITE T with telecoil, miniRITE T R, and BTE 105)feature the Dual-Radio System for 2.4 GHz direct audio streaming and fast ear-to-ear communication.  Captivate products are Made for iPhone®, and the optional SoundClip-A accessory allows patients to stream sound in stereo to Captivate from Android™ and other Bluetooth® 2.1 smartphones and devices.  Additionally, the SoundLink 2 App offers discreet control and the convenience of internet connectivity with the If This Then That (IFTTT) web-based service.

For more information on the entire Captivate family, including Captivate100, Captivate80 and Captivate60and popular styles, visit:

Source: Sonic

Image: Sonic