Minnetonka, Minn — hi HealthInnovations, a new UnitedHealth Group business, announced that it is bringing to market a suite of four high-tech direct-to-consumer hearing aids that will be self-fit and offered at $749 to $949 for “retail consumers,” and with no out-of pocket expense for some UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members.

In an online video, hi HealthInnovations CEO Lisa Tseng, MD, says that their company is “finding a way to empower consumers with smart, affordable, convenient solutions to improve their hearing health.”

hi HealthInnovations also reports that it is introducing a user-friendly hearing test that “consumers can take from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.” The company is making the test available online and via tablet computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices in the coming months.

“Hi HealthInnovations hearing test is easy to use and takes only about 5 minutes,” says Dr Tseng in the online video. “It provides a clear explanation of the person’s hearing status and, if efficable, the test results allow us to custom-program hearing devices tailored to the person’s hearing needs.” The at-home test is said to utilize earphones and can be used on most computers.

The devices are being offering in four styles, which appear to be two mini-BTE models, a standard BTE (pictured), and an ITE. Although HR spoke with a company publicist, the publicist did not have specific product information available (check www.hearingreview.com for updates).

The suite of hearing devices will be available directly to consumers from hi HealthInnovations. Additionally, hi HealthInnovations has contracted with several UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage and Part D plans to make the devices available to plan members, reports the company. For some UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan members, there is no out-of-pocket cost for the devices. Retail consumers can expect to pay between $749 and $949.

“We are offering affordable and convenient solutions to help consumers improve their hearing and quality of life,” said Dr Tseng in the press statement. “Our goal is to put better hearing within reach of more Americans, including the 47 million with Medicare, which does not cover the significant cost of hearing devices. Because early detection and treatment of hearing loss often lead to better outcomes, hi HealthInnovations will seek to engage more primary care physicians in the care of a condition that affects the daily life of millions of Americans.”

A mobile app for tablets and smart phones will also be available soon and is reportedly easy to use, fast, and efficient, and provides easy-to-understand results. Based on the test results, hi HealthInnovations will custom-program hearing devices tailored to a person’s specific hearing needs. Test kits will be made available to primary care physicians as well, providing them an additional tool to screen their patients for hearing loss. For more information on the product and pricing, visit: www.hihealthinnovations.com.

Correction: Since this article ran, HR has received word that the hi HealthInnovations device is not “self-fit/programmed”, but rather the devices are programmed by the company using information obtained from its At-Home hearing test.