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Sonic Enchant Line Adds SoundClip-A to Stream Sounds in Stereo from Numerous Devices

Sonic has expanded the wireless connectivity options of its Enchant hearing aids with the introduction of SoundClip-A. The easy-to-use, lightweight SoundClip-A allows users to stream stereo sound hands-free to both hearing aids from all Bluetooth® 2.1 smartphones and devices. The small, ergonomically designed clip-on device delivers added benefit as a wireless remote/partner microphone for easier listening when the speaker is at a distance or in noisy environments where listening is difficult. SoundClip-A also enables remote volume control, program changes, and call pick-up with just the press of a button.

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COM-DEX Remote Mic Introduced by Widex for Difficult One-to-One Listening Situations

The COM-DEX Remote Mic is part of the COM-DEX wireless Bluetooth accessory line from Widex. Designed for difficult one-to-one listening situations—such as noisy restaurants, classrooms, or group gatherings—the remote mic is clipped onto the speaker’s clothing and can be controlled via the COM-DEX app. Sound is then streamed directly to the wearer’s Widex hearing aids via the COM-DEX.

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