MED-EL USA made two announcements at CI2019, the 16th Symposium on Cochlear Implants in Children in Miami:

  • The launch of a voucher option for new MED-EL cochlear implant recipients from the US or Canada for the AudioLink hands-free, wireless technology interface that is expected to be available in the Fall of 2019.
  • A new SONNET Swap program where new US recipients with an unopened SONNET or SONNET EAS audio processor can exchange it for the next-generation SONNET once it becomes available, also expected in late 2019.

New MED-EL hearing implant recipients now have the option of selecting a voucher for the latest in hearing implant wireless technology, MED-EL’s proprietary AudioLink, described as “one small and easy-to-use device” that connects recipients to Bluetooth-enabled devices. AudioLink also wirelessly streams music or TV through a variety of connection options. MED-EL’s wireless technology is said to work with “any mobile phone,” allowing recipients to pair with any phone with Bluetooth capabilities, including iPhone/iOS, Samsung/Android, or Google/Android, all without intermittency issues. AudioLink now offers hands-free, wireless phone capabilities, and can be used as a remote microphone, similar to a conference table mic.

“AudioLink offers the latest in proprietary, streamlined wireless technology for MED-EL’s processors,” said Raymond Gamble, President & CEO, MED-EL North America. “MED-EL’s wireless capabilities have always been designed to be paired with whatever phone our recipients use, as your hearing implant shouldn’t dictate whether or not you need to buy a certain phone. We constantly strive to offer our recipients the industry-leading technology that MED-EL is known for, and in some cases ahead of when it hits the market, like with AudioLink and the next-generation SONNET.”

The SONNET Swap promotion is valid for patients implanted in the US only, beginning on July 1, 2019, through product availability. RONDO 2 is not eligible for this exchange, and only one audio processor may be exchanged per ear, per system. MED-EL will accept open SONNET and SONNET EAS Audio Processors if the recipient’s patient kit includes only one audio processor.

Source: MED-EL

Image: MED-EL