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BEAR Project in Denmark Evaluates Hearing Treatment

A collaborative project between Danish universities, hearing aid manufacturers and other experts will evaluate hearing loss treatment. The Better Hearing Rehabilitation (BEAR) project will be a collaborative effort aimed at improving the quality of treatment so that people with hearing loss can get more out of hearing aids. Limitations of the audiogram will be addressed, as will the efficacy of a range of hearing tests and hearing aid fitting approaches.

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ReSound Receives Five Award Recognitions at CES 2016

Earlier this month, hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound participated in the CES 2016 trade show in Las Vegas to demonstrate ReSound’s Smart Hearing solutions. During the show, ReSound gained recognition as a technology innovator, securing five awards in honor of its Smart Hearing solutions, demonstrating the company’s commitment to developing solutions for people living with hearing loss.

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Danish Drama: GN & WDH’s Patent War

Big drama engulfs the Big 6 lately, as top management at US hearing aid companies are forced out, either falling on their swords or being escorted from buildings by security. The real Big 6 drama, however, is the slow, fight-to-the-death that is playing in US and Danish courtrooms, starring two Danish hearing aid manufacturers in a high-stakes patent war.

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ReSound Launches Enya Wireless Hearing Aid

GN ReSound headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark announced the global launch of ReSound Enya hearing aids with features and wireless technologies that were previously only available at higher price points, but are now available in lower-priced solutions. Users can stream sound from the TV, mobile phone or music player directly to ReSound Enya hearing aids with ReSound Unite wireless accessories, and use a smartphone to control the hearing aid volume and program settings.

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Todd Murray Resigns from GN and Beltone

Todd Murray, a well-respected and long-time leader in the hearing industry, has decided to resign from his position as president of Beltone and GN North America senior vice president. GN says it respects his decision and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.

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Updated: GN Reports Good Growth in Q2 but Disappoints Analysts; Financial Fraud Reported at Beltone

GN Store Nord reported 8% organic growth and increased its EBITA by 7% in the second quarter of 2015, but fell short of the high expectations of the financial community. GN also reported the discovery that Beltone’s VP of Finance had committed accounting fraud, resulting in a one-time Q2 loss of $22.3 million and Todd Murray’s resignation as senior VP of the company.

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