GN Hearing, a global provider in hearing aid solutions, announced the launch of its next generation hearing aid family, ReSound Nexia, which includes two non-rechargeable RIE models and a new rechargeable Micro RIE. 

The Micro RIE is GN Hearing’s smallest and most comfortable style ever, packed with advanced technology and features, according to the company. In addition, ReSound Nexia connects with Auracast broadcast audio enabling people with hearing loss to benefit from this new and exciting advancement in connectivity.

GN Hearing understands that struggling to hear speech in noise, wearing comfort, and ease of use are the greatest pain points for hearing aid users.(2) A recent survey conducted by GN shows that on average, one in three hearing aid wearers make excuses not to go out because of the impact noisy environments will have on their enjoyment and would prefer to stay at home instead.(3) Helping to address this problem, ReSound Nexia aims to deliver exceptional speech understanding in noise,(4) while offering improved access to and awareness of surrounding sounds.(5)

The signature combination of four-mic binaural beamformer and omni-directional listening vastly improves users’ access to speech from all directions and enables people to automatically hear their best across all listening situations, helping to improve how they interact with the world around them, according to the company.

ReSound Nexia Capabilities

ReSound Nexia is equipped with Bluetooth LE Audio, the new standard for connectivity. It allows multiple simultaneous connections and hands-free calls with other compatible devices, as well as higher sound quality with significantly lower battery consumption, according to GN Hearing.

“ReSound Nexia represents a significant leap forward in hearing aid technology,” says Scott Davis, who will be leading GN’s hearing business starting October 2023. “We know that 4 in 5 people change how and where they socialize to accommodate changes to their hearing. We want people to feel confident in noisy environments again. By delivering top-rated hearing in noise and supporting the incredible streaming capabilities of Auracast broadcast audio, ReSound Nexia will redefine the hearing aid experience and empower users to fully engage with the world around them.”

With Auracast broadcast audio, ReSound Nexia wearers will be able to hear important announcements in public spaces through their hearing aids, stream audio whenever they want, and share audio with family and friends, transforming how users experience audio in private and public spaces now and into the future.

“During all stages of life, communication and good hearing health connect us to each other, our communities, and our world,” says Chief Marketing Officer for the Bluetooth SIG, Ken Kolderup. “We are thrilled to see GN Hearing, a Bluetooth SIG member company, introduce innovative hearing solutions that leverage LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio to help increase accessibility and promote better living through better hearing for everyone.”

This latest innovation from GN includes its smallest rechargeable RIE yet, 25% smaller than its standard RIE.(6) It is designed to ensure the best possible ergonomics and mechanics, optimizing microphone performance and on-ear comfort, while still containing all the technology and features of a standard RIE, plus additional benefits. These include; the new accelerometer built into the Micro RIE, enabling users to double-tap their ear to conveniently answer calls and a new wireless CROS/BiCROS (contralateral and bi-contralateral routing of sound) system developed for people with single-sided deafness.

Created for mild to profound hearing levels, the Micro RIE is an easy-to-use solution, top rated by users for hearing in noise(1) all within a powerful miniaturized design and without any compromise on features, functions or battery life, GN Hearing says.

The new ReSound Nexia hearing aids will be rolled out globally starting with the United States on October 12, 2023, along with the equivalent Beltone Serene line-up.

Featured image: ReSound Nexia hearing aids. Photo: GN Hearing.


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