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Starkey Names Eric Hanson as Chief Information Officer

According to Starkey's announcement, Hanson is responsible for strategically aligning the company's IT infrastructure throughout the organization to create a secure and strong foundation of systems and tools that enable growth. 

Starkey Launches ‘Starkey Sound Bites’ Podcast

Starkey announced the launch of a new podcast, Starkey Sound Bites. Hosted by Starkey Chief Innovation Officer Dave Fabry, PhD, the podcast will shine a light on hearing loss, new research about how it is connected to overall health and wellness, as well as new innovations that make it easier for people to “hear better, so they can live better.”

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Starkey’s Evolv AI Certified by Apple MFi Program

Starkey announced that its newest line of hearing aids are now compatible with iPhone and iPad, making it possible for those with hearing loss to have hands-free conversations. With the release of iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 earlier this year, Apple has added support for bidirectional hearing aids, such as Starkey’s Evolv AI hearing aids which include new bidirectional streaming technology.

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Starkey’s Sara Burdak, AuD, to Appear Live on Instagram

Starkey Chief Audiology Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing Sara Burdak, AuD, will have a conversation live on Instagram with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) this week. The discussion will focus on hearing as an essential factor in overall health and wellness. Viewers can tune in at 6 PM Central Time on Wednesday, October 20 to the Instagram handle @ASHAweb or @StarkeyHearing.

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Starkey Sponsors HLAA 2021 Virtual Convention

During the three-day event, participants will learn the latest about hearing health, communication access, and the technologies and strategies that help people with hearing loss live well. It includes a research symposium on Hearing Care for All, as well as workshops on advances in hearings aids, accessibility through mobile devices, hearing access in the workplace, and more.

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The Philosophy of Growth by Serving People’s Hearing Needs: An Interview with Bill Austin, Part 2

In February, William (Bill) Austin celebrated his 60th year in the hearing healthcare field. Few people have had a better front-row seat to the history of this industry than Austin. Purchasing a small earmold lab in 1970, he built Starkey Labs into one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and has played a major role in hearing aid dispensing, technology, and industry evolution.

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