Starkey announced its sponsorship of this month’s 2021 AG Bell Global Listening and Spoken Language Virtual Symposium. The event was an opportunity for professionals and consumers from around the world to learn the latest research and innovative practices related to listening and spoken language, according to Starkey. AG Bell is committed to ensuring that people who are deaf and hard of hearing can hear and speak. Starkey Chairman Bill Austin and Chief Philanthropy Officer Tani Austin were honored to receive the AG Bell lifetime achievement award in 2018

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“AG Bell continues to be an inspiration for those with hearing loss,” said Starkey President and CEO Brandon Sawalich. “We are proud to continue to support their efforts to help people live better lives, by bringing to life the best hearing healthcare technology and arming hearing care professionals with the knowledge on how to use it. Thanks to AG Bell for hosting events that continue to keep our skills sharp and fuel our hunger to always be learning.” 

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