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Widex Launches PureSound Technology for Moment

The company announced the launch of Widex PureSound technology, available in its new WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids, featuring two distinct signal processing pathways — a “classic” version and a new ZeroDelay Accelerator pathway that “dramatically changes how hearing aids sound,” according to the company.

Expanding Your Hearing Care Beyond the Walls of Your Clinic

Expanding hearing care outside the walls of the clinic requires solutions that involve the hearing care professional as well as apps that empower the users. Widex Remote Care provides a comprehensive solution for the hearing care professionals working remotely, with access to all fitting functionality, while Widex apps help hearing aid users personalize their sound in the moment. Data from the AI-functionality in Widex apps show how users react to changes in their environment, including major ones like the COVID-19 crisis.

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Neural Encoding of the Stimulus Envelope Facilitated by Widex ZeroDelay Technology

Research suggests that listeners rely on stimulus envelope cues for robust speech comprehension in both quiet and noisy conditions. This study compares three premium hearing aids, including Widex MOMENT hearing aids with ZeroDelay™ technology, relative to how they might affect the central auditory system’s ability to encode the temporal envelope of the input sounds—and therefore possibly distort the quality of the temporal envelope code available for higher-level auditory processing.

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Efficacy of Directional Microphones in Open Fittings Under Realistic Signal-to-Noise Ratios Using Widex MOMENT Hearing Aids

PureSound with ZeroDelay technology has been designed to shorten hearing aid processing delays to less than 0.5 ms across frequencies and therefore greatly enhance the sound quality, particularly for large-vent or open fittings—fittings that can reduce the effectiveness of directional microphones. This study shows the PureSound program on the MOMENT hearing aid is as effective as the premium products of two other manufacturers for managing speech understanding in noise at realistic SNRs.

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Reducing Hearing Aid Delay for Optimal Sound Quality: A New Paradigm in Processing

Sound quality in digital hearing aids is often compromised due to signal-processing delay and the resulting “comb-filter effect.” To change this, Widex recently introduced a new solution, designed particularly for mild-to-moderate hearing losses, which employs an ultralow delay. This results in a sound quality that has, until now, been unattainable in digital hearing aids. This article describes the physics of hearing aid delay, and presents a field study on the sound quality experience of the new system.

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Widex Launches Moment Hearing Device

The Widex Moment platform achieves this hearing experience by leveraging two distinct signal pathways. The ‘classic’ Widex signal pathway is paired with a second ultra-fast signal pathway that adds extra gearing to the platform, the company says.

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