Mark Sparrow, a technology journalist, recently tested Widex Moment hearing aids and wrote about his experience in an article published March 7 on the Forbes website.

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Sparrow, who specializes in consumer technology, is interested in the convergence between hearing aids and earphones, and how technologies, like AI and machine learning, are now being incorporated into hearing devices to allow for an advanced level of hearing improvement.

In an amusing anecdote, he recalls a “maiden aunt” with hearing loss from his childhood whose hearing device he describes as a large and bulky implement strapped to a belt that “howled and squeaked” and was frequently turned off to conserve its batteries.

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In his experience with the Widex Moment, he calls the fit of the hearing aids “superb” and says that the sound quality had an “uncanny clarity.” He also points out the quick and easy nature of being able to connect with an audiologist remotely for a consultation via the hearing aids.

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Source: Forbes