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Clinical Benefits of Patient-generated Health Data

Patient-generated health data is technology with a purpose, and holds great clinical and competitive opportunities. We are in a period of change and advancing technology, when manufacturers and hearing care professionals can work together to embrace and integrate patient-generated health data to improve patient outcomes and practice success.

Ida Institute Launches Ida Telecare Program

Ida Institute has launched Ida Telecare, a suite of online tools and resources to help people with hearing loss prepare for appointments, manage communication, and make decisions related to hearing. The platform can be used to inform first-time or returning clients and ready them for a session that allows more time for person-centered care.

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Staff Standpoint: The Invisible Hand

The fourth quarter (Q4) of 2015 marked strong growth for the private sector, with an 8.2% increase in sales compared to Q4 2014. The VA increased its dispensing activity by 2.3%. Total hearing aid unit sales grew by 7.0% in Q4 2015. What is not known is how much private sector growth can be attributed to the market gains of low-cost retailers like Costco.

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