CQ Partners offered critical hearing services to retired NFL athletes at a recent NFL Players Association event.

CQ Partners attended the Living Heart Foundation and NFL Players Association’s (NFLPA) Professional Athletes Foundation’s (PAF) Health Screening at the Marriott Marquis Washington DC Held regionally throughout the year, this event gives former NFL players and their families medical care, testing, and connects them with resources for ongoing care.

Joined by Sidorela Doci, AuD, of Hearing & Balance Services of Reston and Ashly Wilcox, AuD, CQ Partners tested over 30 former athletes for hearing loss and fit eligible players with hearing aids.

The event also included services such as blood pressure and blood testing, cardiac exams, hearing health screening and education, neurological consultations, nutritional counseling, and more. Due to the inclusive nature of these health screenings, CQ Partners also takes the opportunity to educate the NFL community on the importance of hearing health and the link between hearing loss and other health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The team of healthcare professionals successfully provided screenings and consultations for players from the Cowboys, Steelers, Jaguars and many more teams. Attendees of the event could feel the great sense of community among the former players and their families. This health screening is an opportunity for them to connect with one another and reminisce on their NFL experiences. The NFLPA and PAF work hard to engage members and provide excellent care. Among the favorite stops for attendees was the massage station.

CQ Partners is the preferred provider of hearing health education and solutions for the NFLPA’s PAF. Since 2011, the two organizations have partnered to bring better hearing to former professional athletes across the nation.

Throughout the year, CQ Partners attends regional PAF events like this one with local hearing healthcare providers to fit current and former players with hearing aids, emphasize the importance of better hearing, and discuss the impact it can have on one’s life. In addition to providing free hearing healthcare services, CQ Partners aims to spread awareness and break down the barriers that prevent people from seeking hearing care.

Photo courtesy of CQ Partners