HearUSA has opened a new Hearing Center of the Future in Vero Beach, Florida, the second location in the state.

Following the successful launch of its first Hearing Center of the Future last month in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, hearing care retailer HearUSA today announced the opening of a second Center of the Future in Vero Beach, Florida.

Additional locations will continue to be announced throughout the year, according to James Gilchrist, president of HearUSA, as the company delivers on its goal of empowering clients to experience hearing care in an entirely new way that suits each client’s individual needs and lifestyle.

Like the Palm Beach Gardens center, the new Vero Beach center features a consumer-friendly environment where clients, with the guidance of licensed Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs), can explore prescription hearing aids from leading brands like Widex and Signia, as well as Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aid solutions from Sony.

They can also receive a complimentary hearing evaluation, experience simulated hearing environments, and test various hearing aids in the comfort of a state-of-the-art sound experience room.

“The hearing care industry and healthcare at large are rapidly changing, with new service models and advanced technologies disrupting the traditional way we access care,” said Gilchrist. “The new Vero Beach center underscores this reality, furthering our goal of setting a new standard for hearing care, one that champions the voice of the client, normalizes the conversation around hearing loss, and introduces clients to hearing care that could change their lives for the better.”

With the help of a touchpad, clients can use the sound experience room to browse through a variety of sound situations, fostering a true to life simulation of how their hearing aids will provide better hearing in situations like taking a walk in nature, having dinner with friends, or enjoying a live concert.

All HearUSA Centers of the Future feature a new design concept that is modern, innovative, welcoming, and engaging; open spaces and product displays; available use of in-center technology such as QR codes, iPads, and interactive displays; key touchpoints that include a welcome hub, solutions wall, as well as calming and professional consultation rooms.

HearUSA HCPs are also equipped to help clients discover and understand the latest in innovative hearing aids and their various capabilities – like wireless connectivity to their smartphone, laptop, or tablet – that are necessary for their successful adoption.

HearUSA’s unique Hear Better Today program provides clients with hearing aids the same day they are evaluated and fitted so they don’t have to wait to experience the life changing benefits that hearing aids deliver.

In addition to offering the very best performance value on hearing aids, HearUSA’s leadership in insurance enables clients to get the most from their benefits while also offering flexible financing to expand access to better hearing. What’s more, HearUSA is committed to making sure all clients can immediately experience the benefits of hearing aids with its no-risk trial program.

“At HearUSA, we are taking hearing care to the next level, with a more client-centric experience that empowers them to take immediate steps on their hearing health journey,” said Trevor Hedding, HearUSA hearing aid specialist. “A whole new world of exciting options is available to Vero Beach residents who have lived with hearing loss. Now, they have an open and inviting place in the heart of our community where they can engage with trained professionals, learn about the amazing new options available, make the choice that’s right for them, and leave the center with their new hearing aids — all on the same day. We’re proud to introduce Vero Beach residents to the future of hearing care.”

Photo courtesy of HearUSA