Tag: Speech

New Discovery on How Inner Ear Works

Researchers have found that the parts of the inner ear that process speech and music seem to work differently than other parts of the inner ear. Using technology designed for examining the eye, they measured the inner ear response to sound without having to open the surrounding bone structures.

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Brain Waves Must Synchronize to Understand Speech

Neuroscience researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) in Switzerland have confirmed that speech produces an electrical activity in neuronal circuits that can be measured in the form of cortical oscillations, or brain waves. Their study confirms the significance of certain brain waves and how they must synchronize to decipher spoken language.

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Music Benefits Across Lifespan: Enhanced Processing of Speech in Noise

Intriguing research continues to focus on music, the brain, and music’s potential in honing auditory acuity, including speech-in-noise performance and the enhancement of listening abilities. Drs Nina Kraus and Samira Anderson explain why these exciting findings may have big implications for auditory training and aural rehabilitation.

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