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Oticon Announces Five New Opn Custom Solutions Styles

The custom lineup includes styles with 2.4 GHz low-energy Bluetooth® connectivity that offer wireless possibilities. The miniaturization of all components can help enable more functionality in less space, resulting in fewer compromises and more modeling freedom to support a better physical fit and a higher fit rate.

Oticon and Styx Team Up for Live Concert for Opn Wearers

Oticon has joined forces with the rock band Styx for a live concert broadcast exclusively for fans wearing Oticon Opn™ Internet-connected hearing aids. The broadcast—scheduled as part of the band’s nationwide summer tour—is said to be the first time a live performance is delivered directly to hearing aid wearers, enabling them to stream the Styx classic gold hits “Renegade,” “Come Sail Away,” and more directly to their Opn hearing aids.

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