In the newest Hearing Tracker/UBS Survey, hearing care professionals rated Oticon top in patient satisfaction, value, sound quality, ease of use, and aesthetics, according to an Oticon press release. Oticon earned a 65% rating for patient satisfaction, outdistancing the next two hearing aid brands by nearly 10% in a category that is reportedly critical to success for patients and practices, according to Oticon. The just-released survey of 400 hearing care professionals is the latest in a series of Hearing Tracker/UBS Surveys that explore key factors that influence professionals when selecting among hearing aid brands.

Oticon ranked number one in three of the top four attributes hearing care professionals reportedly consider when choosing hearing aids for their patients.  In sound quality, Oticon earned a 38% rating, more than double the ratings of the next two hearing aid brands.  Oticon captured top ranking in the two other key attributes, value for money and ease of use. Hearing care professionals also gave Oticon a top rating in aesthetics, a consumer-pleasing factor that appeals to people who prefer a discreet hearing solution for their hearing loss, according to the company.

“The Hearing Tracker survey echoes the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from hearing care professionals to the recent launch of new styles that have expanded the Oticon family, especially our rechargeable solution,” said Oticon President Gary Rosenblum. “Ranking number one in sound quality and patient satisfaction speaks to Oticon’s commitment to always put the needs of people with hearing loss first. It also reflects our unwavering commitment to the success of our hearing care partners. No hearing care manufacturer offers more innovative, quality solutions or more effective strategies for practice and patient success than we do.”

The newest Hearing Tracker Survey correlates with the results of a survey of 700 new Oticon Opn users (average age 61-70 years) who reported that they heard better or much better (96%) with Opn, understood more with less effort (81%), and were better able to keep up with conversations (62%).   A significant number of respondents (70%) indicated that they were very satisfied with their Opn hearing solutions, a rating that reportedly reflects the critical link between sound quality and user satisfaction.

Both surveys demonstrate the ways in which Oticon advanced technology hearing solutions with BrainHearing™ technology take the work out of hearing, according to Oticon, so users can enjoy a more effortless, natural hearing experience. From technology that enables users to manage multiple speakers even in noisy situations to direct, wireless connectivity, to modern communication devices, Oticon hearing solutions are designed to provide practical and significant benefits to users’ quality of life.

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Source: Oticon