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Singing in the Brain

MIT neuroscientists have identified a population of neurons in the human brain that lights up when we hear singing, but not other types of music. These neurons, found in the auditory cortex, appear to respond to the specific combination of voice and music, but not to either regular speech or instrumental music. Exactly what they are doing is unknown and will require more work to uncover, the researchers say.

University of Minnesota to Lead $9.7 Million Grant to Improve Hearing Restoration

The vision of this new grant project is to implant an electrode array directly into the auditory nerve. This approach not only provides access to the hearing pathway for those who cannot be implanted into the cochlea, but may also improve activation of the auditory pathway to the brain that could be helpful for hearing in noisy environments and music.

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Promoting Safe Sounds in the Birth City of American Music

Hearing loss prevention helps maintain lifelong musical enjoyment. According to authors John Hutchings, MD, and Bethany Ewald Bultman, when performing or listening to music, one should always employ high-quality earplugs, avoid undue direct exposure to the sound, and limit alcohol intake which can lessen awareness of the pain of louder sounds.

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