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MED-EL Celebrates 20 Years of Cochlear Implantation in US with Special Reunion

In the fall of 2016, Robert Zurga, who was the third US patient to receive a MED-EL cochlear implant, returned to Duke University for a reunion with his surgeon, Debara Tucci, MD, and his CI audiologist, MED-EL North America CEO, Raymond Gamble—Zurga was the first cochlear implant that Gamble had ever programmed while on an audiology rotation at Duke.

Special Video Created for World Hearing Day, March 3

March 3 was World Hearing Day, an initiative led by the World Health Organization to raise awareness about the impact of hearing loss. MED-EL, a provider of hearing implant systems, is supporting World Hearing Day with the launch of a new video, “Through the Ears of a Child,” which highlights the advantages of treating childhood hearing loss at an early age.

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MED-EL Publication Explores Range of Hearing Loss Topics

MED-EL has released a new publication called Explore Magazine, which explores hearing loss-related topics. The latest issue focuses on hearing loss and children, while earlier editions focused on Music, and Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair, the couple behind MED-EL. Readers can sign up for a free subscription or download a free digital version on the MED-EL website.

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Continents & Oceans: Free Learning App to Improve Listening Skills from MED-EL

Continents & Oceans features three levels in which players listen to male and female voices as they name the continents and oceans of the world and tap the screen to verify what was said. Players are scored on how fast they respond, and a global leaderboard is shown. Different accents increase the difficulty level, and players compete with others from around the world for the best score in each level.

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