MED-EL USA has announced the FDA approval of its new SONNET behind-the-ear audio processor for cochlear implants, which is reportedly water-resistant, lightweight, and tamper-proof. It is programmed with the company’s MAESTRO 6.0 software, which was also recently approved by the FDA. MED-EL reports that the SONNET Audio Processor will work with all of the cochlear implants it has released over the last 20 years.

According to the announcement, the SONNET audio processor, which will be commercially available in Spring 2015, was designed to be splash-proof and sweat-proof so active users don’t need to worry about problems with water damage. It will be available in a range of color combinations so recipients can mix and match the colors of the audio processor parts to create a customized style.

“SONNET is compatible with all of MED-EL’s multichannel cochlear implants, which have been consistently designed to access future-ready technology,” said Ray Gamble, president and CEO at MED-EL North America. “SONNET offers the very latest hearing technology available today to patients who have received MED-EL implants over the past 20 years.”

The company says the SONNET provides up to 60 hours of battery life, and uses two disposable 675 zinc-air batteries. The locking battery cover is tamper-proof, and the reinforced coil cable with a locking connection to the processor offers durability, making it a good option for children.

For more information about the SONNET audio processor and MAESTRO System Software 6.0, visit the MED-EL website.

Source: MED-EL