Austria-based hearing implant maker MED-EL has just announced the launch of its “Inside Story” interview series to provide consumers with an inside look at the latest cochlear implant (CI) research news.

The series is slated to premiere at CI2016 in Toronto, from May 11-14, and will feature interviews with international experts on up-to-the-minute research topics in the field of cochlear implants. CI2016, the 14th International Conference of Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Technology, is the largest scientific meeting of its kind in the cochlear implant research community.

“We know that consumers are hungry for the latest information about cochlear implant research,” said Raymond Gamble, president and CEO of MED-EL North America. “We strongly believe that working to keep our recipients and candidates informed can help them make the best decisions when it comes to their cochlear implant choices. There is incredible promise in research being conducted right now that will benefit people with hearing loss for years to come. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the CI community.”

The series, “Inside Story from MED-EL – Giving you the latest research news in the CI community,” will be hosted by Toronto-based anchor Gina Phillips. Phillips will interview researchers from around the world about topics including music, CI for older adults, hearing preservation, advocacy, access to care, and more.

“Raising awareness about cochlear implants is central to the mission of the American Cochlear Implant Alliance,” said Donna Sorkin, executive director of the ACIA. “There is so much energy in the field of hearing loss and cochlear implants today. It’s wonderful that [through Inside Story] consumers can gain a glimpse of the passion and commitment that the experts working in this field bring to work every day.”

MED-EL's EXPLORE Magazine Videos of the interviews will be shared via MED-EL’s YouTube channel and announced through the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages during the CI2016 meeting and throughout the month of May.

The “Inside Story” interview series joins MED-EL’s other channel of communication to consumers, EXPLORE Magazine. Launched in 2014, the latest issue in the EXPLORE Magazine series focuses on hearing loss and aging. The new issue, EXPLORE AGE, includes articles from award-winning journalists on topics such as the impact of hearing loss on friendship, how societies are adjusting to aging populations, the benefits of aging, and more.

According to articles featured in the EXPLORE AGE issue, an estimated 910 million older adults worldwide will have hearing loss by the year 2050. In the US, hearing loss affects more than a third of the population between the ages of 65 and 75, and nearly half of those aged 75 and older. Age-related hearing loss is an increasingly common condition that can have wide-ranging health implications, yet it is often under-treated.

In stories of real people challenging what it means to live with hearing loss, EXPLORE AGE features inspiring stories of older adults who have set the stigma of age-related hearing loss aside and made bold decisions to re-engage with the world. Beyond hearing loss, EXPLORE AGE takes a look at the sensation of time flying by – and ways to slow down the clock.  The publication also features an interview with Columbia University gerontologist Ursula M. Staudinger on the relationship between age and wisdom; and gerontologist Dr Bill Thomas, who states “Aging isn’t a problem. The problem is our obsession with youth.”

The magazine is viewable and downloadable on the MED-EL website for free.

Source: MED-EL