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A 10-Year Review of the Earlens System, Part 3: What’s the Big Deal about Audibility and Broader Audible Bandwidth?

This 3-part series is a high-level review of the data that has accumulated across more than 10 years of clinical research with the technology at the heart of the Earlens system. In Part 1, we dove into the speech understanding data to demonstrate how increasing the audible bandwidth of processed sound results in improved speech understanding performance from several perspectives. In Part 2, we discussed the perceptual benefits to naturalness and overall sound quality. Finally, in Part 3, we’ll deep dive into the restoration of audibility and how the Earlens approach to overall audibility improvement is reliably achieved in fittings via direct drive—as well as who may benefit from this. 

Research Shows Hearing Loss May Affect Patient and Doctor Communications

Doctors believe that communication with those under their care is important, but most studies of communication between physicians and older adults do not mention that hearing loss may affect this interaction. New findings come from a review published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, as well as an accompanying editorial by Dr Frank Lin of Johns Hopkins and Dr Heather Whitson of Duke.

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NASEM Committee Recommends New OTC Hearing Aid Class, End to Waiver System, and Unbundling of Hearing Aid Prices

Among a dozen recommendations, the Committee on Accessible and Affordable Hearing Health Care for Adults would like to see the FDA establish an over-the-counter class of hearing devices, an end to the “waiver system,” hearing aids that have open programming, and portability of consumers’ audiograms and hearing aid programming information.

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Dr Frank Lin Details Consequences of Age-related Hearing Loss and Future Avenues at ADA Convention Keynote

Dr Lin, one of the most widely respected researchers in the area of hearing loss and cognition, presented a 1-hour keynote that touched on many of today’s hottest topics in hearing healthcare, including the relationship between hearing, cognition, and general health, as well as the dynamic hearing aid distribution system.

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