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Hearing Loss, Cleft Conditions, and Craniofacial Abnormalities

Children with cleft lip and/or cleft palate—the most common birth defect in the United States—present unique audiologic challenges that include a high incidence of otitis media with effusion (OME). Recently, the MED-EL ADHEAR system has opened up new options for these patients. Five case studies are presented here showing how this new system represents an innovative, non-surgical therapeutic option for children who are born with cleft palate.

Book Serves As Clinical Guide for Auditory Processing Deficits

A new book from Thieme, Auditory Processing Deficits, provides clinical information on APD, an important, growing area of interest in the field of audiology. Written by Vishakha Rawool, PhD, the book contains the latest guidelines on screening, diagnosis, and intervention of auditory processing deficits, and includes key information on related assessment tools and management strategies.

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Do Our Expectations of Sound Affect What We Hear?

Scientists are investigating auditory central processing in an effort to better understand whether our expectations of sound affect how, and what, we hear. Bournemouth University and Heidelberg University researchers are using computational neuroscience models to map the way the brain processes sound.

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