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Signia to Hold 2022 Winter Series for Govt Services

Through Signia’s live, virtual Winter Series courses, Government Services audiologists will have the opportunity to learn about product benefits, tinnitus solutions, and tricks for patient fittings from the Signia team of professional audiologists while earning up to 7.5 continuing education (CEU) credits, according to the company.

Non-Surgical Advances in Treatment for Conductive Hearing Loss

Amanda O’Donnell, AuD, reviews options for the treatment of conductive hearing loss and provides information on the new ADHEAR system by MED-EL. This unique non-surgical system consists of an advanced adhesive adapter that allows for the audio processor to be clicked into place for skin-driven bone conduction—offering a new option for patients and clinicians alike.

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Cortical Neuroplasticity in Hearing Loss: Why It Matters in Clinical Decision-Making for Children and Adults

With a better understanding of cortical brain changes associated with hearing loss, the potential to develop objective brain-based tools (ie, biomarkers) increases. These tools may help clinicians determine when a patient should receive intervention, what kind of intervention or rehabilitation would be ideal, and may offer the ability to monitor how well a chosen intervention or rehabilitation method is working. Prominent researchers Anu Sharma and Hannah Glick explain why.

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