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Oticon More MiniRITE T Now Available Through VA, DOD

Oticon, Inc announced the expansion of its Oticon More family to “enable even more veterans and active duty personnel to benefit from the innovative hearing solution’s superior sound quality.” Now available through the Veterans Affairs Administration (VA), Department of Defense (DOD), and other federal agencies, the new Oticon More miniRITE T with disposable batteries and the portable SmartCharger allow VA and government audiologists to “better match each patient’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences.”

Cortical Neuroplasticity in Hearing Loss: Why It Matters in Clinical Decision-Making for Children and Adults

With a better understanding of cortical brain changes associated with hearing loss, the potential to develop objective brain-based tools (ie, biomarkers) increases. These tools may help clinicians determine when a patient should receive intervention, what kind of intervention or rehabilitation would be ideal, and may offer the ability to monitor how well a chosen intervention or rehabilitation method is working. Prominent researchers Anu Sharma and Hannah Glick explain why.

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