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Improving Hearing Aid Technology by Studying Inner Ear

Despite recent advances in hearing aids, a frequent complaint among users is that the devices tend to amplify all the sounds around them, making it hard to distinguish what they want to hear from background noise, said Jong-Hoon Nam, a researcher at the University of Rochester.

Researchers Map Functioning of Inner Ear

A team led by Professor Karen B. Avraham, vice dean of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, has now created the first map of “methylation”–one of the body’s main epigenetic signals–that reflects the functioning of the inner ear in its entirety.

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Composing with Hearing Loss

Composing music when you have a severe hearing loss can be a real challenge. For example, one has to listen with high acuity to the musical tracks using headphones or in-ear monitors that, by nature, make hearing aid use very difficult or impossible. Here are some insights from an accomplished composer who has devised several solutions for the creation of great music.

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New Discovery on How Inner Ear Works

Researchers have found that the parts of the inner ear that process speech and music seem to work differently than other parts of the inner ear. Using technology designed for examining the eye, they measured the inner ear response to sound without having to open the surrounding bone structures.

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