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Audigy Holds First Leadership Retreat in October

More than 100 practice owners and decision-makers across the hearing care and ear, nose, and throat space convened in Stevenson, Wash, to tackle that and more at Audigy’s first-ever leadership retreat in October, the company announced.

Signia Launches Pure Charge&Go X Hearing Aid

Pure Charge&Go X is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) device that includes “the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors,” according to the company’s announcement. Since a hearing aid wearer’s sound environment can change suddenly, this technology can reportedly adapt to changes in their soundscape and detect when the wearer is in motion, responding automatically to “deliver natural and personalized sound from any direction, in any situation—even when moving.”

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Signia Styletto Receives 2019 iF Gold Design Award

The iF jury, consisting of 67 international and independent design experts, stated that Styletto “is an important and empowering device [with] a strong, bold design. The appearance of this hearing aid communicates a strikingly positive and confident identity. The clarity of execution and the outstanding combination of materials for each element is overtly impressive.”

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Closing the Open Fitting: An Effective Method to Optimize Speech Understanding

Choosing a closed hearing aid coupling system can positively effect speech understanding in background noise—although, for some patients, at the sacrifice of own-voice sound quality. However, new systems like Signia Own Voice Processing (OVP) are making it possible to “get the best of both worlds.” The mean SNR additional benefit for a closed fitting in this study was 3 dB, and as much as 5 dB for some participants. With as much as 17% improvement in speech understanding for each 1 dB of SNR improvement, this can represent a magnitude sufficient to be able to change a patient’s socialization activities.

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