HearUSA announced the nationwide availability of new hearing aids from Signia that are designed to provide improved sound clarity during noisy, group conversations, according to the company.

The Pure Charge&Go IX and Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids are designed on the company’s new Integrated Xperience (IX) platform, a hearing aid platform capable of pinpointing multiple conversation partners in real-time, providing improved sound clarity and definition for clients in multi-speaker scenarios, even when the wearer or speakers are in motion.

“Group conversations in noise are the biggest unmet need for people with hearing loss,” says HearUSA president Nick Mengerink. “A missed word can lead to a missed opportunity to contribute, which in turn can lead to frustration, isolation, and ultimately withdrawal. We believe it’s time to change this. HearUSA is committed to changing one million more lives by 2028 through Simply Excellent Hearing Care. Now, the availability of these new Signia hearing aids brings our team of expert Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) closer to achieving that goal.”

HearUSA has more than 380 centers located across the country, all of which are now offer the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX and Silk Charge&Go IX.

The Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids

The technology of the new hearing aids works in three stages: analyze, augment and adapt, allowing patients to engage, interact, and participate in immersive group conversations regardless of their location, movement, and noise level, according to the company.

The hearing aid processes 192,000 data points every second to detect speakers and analyze conversation dynamics. It then uses that data to control multiple focus streams that lock onto and dynamically highlight each speaker’s voice amidst the noise.

Simultaneously, Augmented Focus split processing technology processes background sound to ensure a comfortable, immersive conversational experience without distractions. Signia’s patented Multi-Stream Architecture updates 1,000 times per second, merging focus streams into dynamic auditory space that adapts to evolving conversations.

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“Despite years of meaningful advancements, clients continued to have difficulty hearing group conversations, particularly when surrounded by noise,” says Dan Troast, AuD and Chair of HearUSA HCP Advisory Board said. “The focus for prior hearing aids has been on reducing noise first and then preserving speech, but they never fully accounted for the natural interactions of a conversation, the effects of moving your head, and people coming in and out of the discussion. Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids will solve that problem for clients across the country and its ground-breaking technology will change lives by allowing wearers to fully experience conversations in dynamic environments — whether they’re enjoying lively discussions at a holiday party or out to dinner with a large group.”

The Silk Charge&Go IX comes equipped with a built-in power bank to provide charging on the go and can be charged through USB 3.0 or with a wireless Qi charger. Both models are available as IX CROS for wearers with single-sided deafness

Featured image: The Pure Charge&Go IX. Photo: Signia