Supporting the recent launch of its Integrated Xperience platform, hearing aid innovator Signia announced the rollout of its “Brilliant Conversations: Good Food, Better Connections” local market promotion program designed to help its hearing care professional (HCP) partners effectively introduce and demonstrate the benefits of the groundbreaking new platform to patients in their local market area.

The program combines a limited time, after purchase $100 restaurant gift card and a specially designed launch kit—comprised of physical and digital marketing assets—that empowers hearing care professionals (HCPs) across the country to create a powerful grassroots local marketing program to introduce the new Signia Integrated Xperience platform to consumers in their area, according to the company. HCPs also can host in-clinic events to demonstrate how the new technology meets the greatest unmet need for people with hearing loss—group conversations.

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The Signia Integrated Xperience platform made its debut last month in Signia’s all-new Pure Charge&Go IX, the company’s most flexible receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid, and Silk Charge&Go IX, a rechargeable, instant-fit, completely-in-the-canal hearing aid.

“We are committed to promoting better hearing health for everyone affected by hearing loss, and we understand that noisy restaurant environments have long posed a particularly difficult challenge to those living with hearing loss,” says Mike O’Neil, president of Signia U.S.  “Together with our HCP partners, we are going to improve the lives of countless consumers with hearing loss who have, until now, shied away from busy restaurants.”

From now through the end of February 2024, consumers who visit a qualifying HCP to be fitted with a Level 7 Signia Pure Charge&Go IX or Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aid will be eligible to obtain a $100 restaurant gift card 30 days after purchase.

“There’s no better way for consumers to experience the true-to-life hearing benefits of the Integrated Xperience platform than in the real-world environment they were designed and engineered to perform in — a restaurant,” O’Neil continued.

Photo: Signia