The Ida Institute, an independent, non-profit organization working to integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation, has joined Demant, a global, Denmark-based hearing healthcare group.

After 15 years of funding from the Demant Foundation came to an end in 2022, the Ida Institute began exploring alternative funding models. The objective was to secure sustainable capital to allow existing Ida resources to remain accessible and to continue delivering unique innovation, training, and resources to support the implementation of person-centered practices in audiology, according to the organizations.

The Ida Institute’s addition to Demant strengthens the abilities of two complementary organizations, the organizations say. Demant has technological expertise, a global presence, and proficiency in business systems and scaling. Meanwhile, the Ida Institute is a provider of person-centered care, communication, and counseling. 

“I am truly excited about Ida joining Demant,” says Ida Institute Director Ena Nielsen. “This step lets us continue our work to develop and enhance delivery of person-centered care in audiology clinics around the world. Working through Demant internationally also increases our reach and ability to create awareness of all the positive effects of implementing person-centered practices.”

Demant also sees the integration of the Ida Institute as a new and exciting opportunity. “At Demant, we are concerned about the whole user journey,” says Søren Nielsen, president and CEO of Demant. We strive every day to deliver first-class hearing technology to people who need it. But we also realize that there is more to a good fitting and successful outcome than technology. Every person with hearing loss is different and we are committed to helping hearing care professionals do the best possible job for their clients and their families, their employees, and their businesses. The integration of the Ida Institute will strengthen this focus and enable us to support clinics even better as they continue to deliver excellent hearing care services to people with hearing loss.”

Ena Nielsen will continue to head the Ida Institute team at Demant. 

“We are very much looking forward to continuing our journey together with many old and new friends and collaborators who share our commitment to serving people with hearing loss,” she says.

Graphic: Ida Institute