Summary: The music composer and arranger has significantly improved his personal and professional life after addressing his hearing loss with new Signia hearing aids.


  1. The Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids have allowed Solot to hear the full richness of music again, which he feared might be lost forever.
  2. Signia’s Integrated Xperience technology in his hearing aids has substantially upgraded his ability to discern speech in noisy environments, making conversations with family and friends more engaging and effective.
  3. Broadened Social and Professional Participation: Solot’s new hearing aids have not only empowered him in his professional life but also enriched his personal life by improving his ability to participate fully in social and family gatherings.

Composer and arranger Evan Solot—who has worked with numerous jazz and pop musicians, including Mel Torme, Dionne Warwick, and Bette Midler, to name a few—first experienced symptoms of hearing loss 20 years ago. Fortunately, a recent investment in new Signia hearing aids has helped improve his life, personally and professionally.

Finding the Right Fit

Meeting his high standards for clearly hearing music and interacting naturally in conversation on a day-to-day basis was a challenge. Solot tried numerous hearing aid brands and models with varying degrees of frustration. While he experienced incremental improvements with each one, he always felt something was lacking, according to Signia. That perspective changed when he began wearing Signia Pure Charge&Go IX receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids. 

“I was thrilled, absolutely flabbergasted! I didn’t know what I was missing – with Pure Charge&Go IX, it’s not just about the volume,” he says. “They’re customized for my unique hearing loss, and I can hear the full range of music in all its richness – something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do again.” 

Solot also experienced a substantial upgrade in his ability to discern speech in noisy group settings thanks to Signia’s Integrated Xperience (IX) technology platform, a hearing aid platform capable of pinpointing multiple conversation partners in real time to deliver unprecedented sound clarity and definition for hearing aid wearers in multi-speaker scenarios. The platform features the new RealTime Conversation Enhancement solution that analyzes, augments, and adapts in real time to ensure optimal auditory perception of dynamic noisy conversations. 

Improving Conversations

Untreated hearing loss can be a key barrier to cultivating closer familial relationships, causing conversational frustration and even social isolation or withdrawal.

“Previously hearing in noisy environments was a constant struggle for me. It impacted not only my ability to work and socialize, but also to communicate effectively with my family,” Solot says.

Beyond the studio, Signia’s Integrated Xperience empowers Solot to fully participate in every conversation with his family and friends.

“I used to think my hearing loss was an individual challenge, but it created unique struggles for my loved ones too. Now we have a solution that helps me and everyone around me,” says Solot. “Now, whether my wife and I are out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, just the two of us, or hosting a crowd at home, I feel more able and confident than ever listening, engaging, and contributing to conversations.” 

Above all, Signia hearing aids have empowered Solot, both professionally and personally, while enriching his life. He’s able to hear conversations in the most challenging environments, not to mention a full spectrum of music and even sounds he didn’t realize he was missing, such as the gentle crunch of leaves underfoot on an autumn day. 

“I liken it to being in the Wizard of Oz and opening the door from a black-and-white world to one where everything is in color,” he says .“I’m hearing better than I could have ever imagined.”