Signia is expanding its platform offerings to include Styletto IX, a new slim and advanced Slim-RIC hearing aid, and Insio IX, Signia’s smallest and most discreet CIC and IIC hearing aids, the company says. The new form factors join Pure Charge&Go IX and Silk Charge&Go IX on the Integrated Xperience platform to help improve conversation while addressing the stigma long associated with wearing hearing aids.

“The launch of the Signia Integrated Xperience platform ushered in a new era of speech clarity and intelligibility that enabled hearing aid wearers to finally unleash the power of conversation in their daily lives,” says Signia U.S. President Mike O’Neil. “Now we are expanding the Integrated Xperience portfolio to include our sleekest fashion-forward designs that eliminate the stigma long associated with hearing aids, while allowing more patients than ever before to better participate in conversations and live more engaged and connected lives.”

The Signia Integrated Xperience hearing aid platform features a multi-stream architecture capable of pinpointing multiple conversation partners in real-time, the company says. It expands upon the Signia Augmented Xperience platform to increase the number of focus streams from two to five, and features Signia’s RealTime Conversation Enhancement solution that analyzes, augments, and adapts to the dynamic flow of multi-party conversation environments.1

In a study focused on speech performance in a group conversation scenario, Signia Integrated Xperience provided a significant improvement in speech understanding, with 95% of participants experiencing greater hearing clarity with Signia Integrated Xperience compared to without.2

“For too long, group conversations in noisy environments have been the biggest unmet need for people with hearing loss,” O’Neil says. “A missed word can lead to a missed opportunity to contribute, which can lead to frustration, isolation, and ultimately withdrawal. As the only hearing aid manufacturer utilizing multi-stream technology, our Integrated Xperience platform addresses this challenge by featuring the industry’s best signal to noise (SNR) ratio – a significant improvement of 4.1 dB SNR in noisy group environments.”3

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Styletto IX and Insio IX Supporting Conversation

The ultra-slim Signia Styletto IX hearing aid is a slim and advanced Slim Receiver-in-Canal (Slim-RIC) hearing aid with a battery that can last a full day with up to 20 hours of runtime, the company says. Also available for the Styletto IX hearing aid is the new Styletto IX charging case, which provides five full portable charges before needing to charge the case via Qi wireless technology or by plugging it into an outlet.

The Insio IX Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) and Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aids are Signia’s smallest and most discreet custom devices

The Insio IX Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) and Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aids are engineered for conversations and designed for both first time and experienced hearing aid patients with mild to moderate hearing loss who are active in their personal and professional lives. They are Signia’s smallest and most discreet custom devices ever that offer the best speech clarity in noise for one-microphone devices.

“Conversations have the power to change hearts and minds, to spark empathy, and inspire action,” says Signia Program Manager Jennifer Gehlen, AuD. “When we can tune in to every voice and contribute to the discussion with ease – that’s a powerful thing. Real life calls for a hearing aid that’s designed for real conversations and Signia Integrated Xperience hearing aids are challenging the status quo to be that hearing aid.”

To learn more about the expanded Integrated Xperience portfolio, hearing care professionals (HCPs) can register for “Expanding Access to the Power of Conversation,” an AudiologyOnline course presented by Jennifer Gehlen. 


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Photos: Signia