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Oticon’s Henning Falster Announces Retirement

Henning Falster, director of meetings and events for Oticon, Inc who is known for his “flawlessly planned and executed professional conferences and events,” announced he will retire in August after 47 years with Oticon.

Research Shows Benefit of Access to All Sounds in Environment

Studies conducted by Eriksholm Research Centre found that natural brain function first processes the entire sound scene before focusing or selectively attending to the sound of interest. Researchers point out that the findings have significant implications for hearing aid design, challenging traditional approaches that let conventional technology decide what the brain needs to attend to.

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Oticon Appoints Three New Vice Presidents

Oticon President Gary Rosenblum has announced the appointment of three new Oticon Vice Presidents: Josephine Poelma, MS, PMP to Vice President, Learning and Development; Dawn Spring, MBA to Vice President, Customer Experience; and Douglas Beck, AuD, to Vice President, Academic Sciences.

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