Oticon will provide in-depth introductions to its new Oticon Intent hearing aid at the AAA 2024 + HearTech Expo, held April 17-20, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.  

The Oticon team will also provide information about Oticon’s practice support and business services, the company says.

Oticon Exhibiting at AAA 2024

A Gold Sponsor of the HearTech Expo Hall, Oticon will complement face-to-face interaction at the Oticon exhibit with educational sessions, demonstrations, and panel discussions by Oticon’s subject matter experts. 

“At Oticon, we believe hearing care professionals are the most essential element in hearing healthcare, with the expertise to tailor the best possible solution for each patient,” says Oticon President Gary Rosenblum. “Through our support of AAA 2024 + HearTech Expo, we underscore Oticon’s commitment to strengthening that expertise with innovative products to improve outcomes, strategic partnerships to build practice success, and thought leadership to drive the future of hearing care.”

The Oticon Intent Hearing Aid

At the Oticon exhibit, conference participants can experience Oticon innovation firsthand with detailed demonstrations of one of Oticon’s newest solutions, Oticon Intent, a hearing aid with 4D user-intent sensors. The technology in Oticon Intent allows the hearing aid to recognize when the user’s listening needs change and seamlessly adapt sound processing to support their communication in any situation.  Oticon Intent takes BrainHearing technology to the next level, empowering patients to engage in life like never before. 

Audible Contrast Threshold Tests

Other audiology innovations will be showcased with the new Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) test, an audiology tool that sets a new standard for hearing-in-noise assessment. Hearing care professionals can accurately quantify a person’s real-world ability to hear in noise in less than two minutes with one standardized test. The ACT test enables more targeted counseling and expectation setting, offering a new, more personalized standard of care.

Oticon’s On-Site Team

The Oticon team will be on duty at the exhibit throughout the conference to answer questions about Oticon Intent and the entire portfolio of Oticon BrainHearing technology.

Exhibit visitors can also learn how Oticon helps practices thrive through strategic partnerships and custom programs offering business, practice, and marketing assistance. 

Oticon Government Services

For audiologists treating our nation’s Veterans and active-duty military personnel, the Oticon Government Services team will be on hand to showcase the entire portfolio of Oticon hearing solutions now available on the Veterans Administration hearing instrument contract.

Audiology students can stop by the Oticon exhibit to learn how Oticon’s ongoing student programs can help them develop skills to stay on track with what is new and noteworthy in the profession.

Featured image: The Oticon Intent hearing aid. Photo: Oticon