The Oticon Hearing Foundation is partnering with the American Academy of Audiology Foundation (AAAF) Empowering Students Scholarship Program again to fund scholarships for full-time graduate students earning AuD or PhD degrees in audiology. 

Oticon Hearing Foundation Donation

The non-profit Oticon Hearing Foundation has designated a grant of $30,000 for scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year. Up to $20,000 in scholarships are earmarked to support Black graduate students on their journey to becoming audiologists, Oticon says.

“By supporting the educational endeavors of students today, we aim to ensure a future of skilled and caring hearing care professionals who share Oticon’s commitment to provide life-changing benefits to people with hearing loss,” says Mariann Cadieu, executive director of the Oticon Hearing Foundation. “We are especially proud to join with the American Academy of Audiology Foundation to support the success of Black audiology students, an important step to building an inclusive and diverse profession that draws on the strengths of all segments of our population.”

American Academy of Audiology Foundation

The American Academy of Audiology Foundation raises funds and supports programs of excellence in education, promising research, and public awareness in audiology and hearing science. The Foundation offers targeted opportunities to students across the country through scholarships and grants. The programs help students to maximize their learning experiences through leadership, educational, and humanitarian opportunities.

“We are grateful for the Oticon Hearing Foundation’s generous financial support that allows the AAA Foundation to continue to recognize the brightest young professionals early in their careers,” says Tricia Scaglione, AuD, chair of the American Academy of Audiology Foundation. “Oticon’s support and partnership in this endeavor aligns with the Academy Enterprise’s goal of supporting diversity in the field of audiology.”

This is the eleventh year that the Oticon Hearing Foundation has funded the Empowering Students Scholarship Program.  Through its support of humanitarian endeavors, the Oticon Hearing Foundation seeks to promote sustainable improvements in access to hearing care for in-need people and communities around the world.

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2023 Scholarship Recipients

The 2023 Empowering Students Scholarship winners include: Lily Arnpriester, Arizona State University; Aailyah Gladney, Illinois State University; Susan Ihekweme, University of North Texas; Analisa Johnson, University of the Pacific; Eric Mitchell, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities; and Amanda Tolen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Deadline for applications for the Empowering Students Scholarships for the 2024–25 academic year is April 30, 2024.

Photo: Oticon