Lake Country, British Columbia — In January 2011, Ear Gear donated its hearing aid protection products to Vietnamese children receiving donated hearing aids from The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss.  The company is now extending the offer to other charitable organizations.

The Foundation visited Dalat, Danang, and Saigon in January 2011 to mentor teachers of the deaf and parents about how to help young children with hearing loss develop listening and spoken language.

In addition, the Foundation’s team trained audiology staff and fit hearing aids on children. In support of their work, Ear Gear donated products for the children.

“It was wonderful to have the Ear Gear with us!” said Paige Stringer, executive director and founder of the Foundation (pictured, right). “We fit 95 hearing aids on children from low-income families and gave them the Ear Gear accessories to ensure they would be protected.”

Ear Gear will continue to support the Foundation and will be participating in the second teacher training program in July 2011, as well as the Foundation’s next mobile mission, scheduled for February 2012.

Ear Gear also said in its press statement that it would extend the same offer to other organizations doing charitable work with the poor and underprivileged. Contact Ear Gear via its Web site at for more information.

SOURCE: Ear Gear