Kitchener, Canada – Unitron has released their new Quantum and Moxi product families and an improved TrueFit fitting software. The updates complete Unitron’s next generation line of hearing instruments built on the company’s Era sound processing platform.

“The announcement of Quantum and Moxi represents a new generation of products for Unitron, products that will define their category, and offer our customers and their clients tremendous advancement in reliability, accuracy, performance speed and sound quality.”

Quantum, powered by Era, is designed to improve the hearing aid’s automatic performance and speech understanding in noise through intelligently combined high-fidelity features. The Quantum line offers three technology levels (Quantum 20, 12, and 6), which are all wireless. The models also include capabilities such as Unitron’s Binaural Phone and uTV, and are available in a full spectrum of shells and styles (BTE and ITE).

Moxi, also powered by Era, is a canal receiver technology (CRT) hearing instrument. It was designed with an integrated open-fit strategy that combines three proprietary technologies: Automatic Program with SmartFocus, Natural Sound Balance, and Pinna Effect, which help to deliver high fidelity sound. As with Quantum, it is available in three wireless technology levels (Moxi 20, 12, and 6) for improved transitions to more natural listening.

Unitron TrueFit fitting software was designed in collaboration with hearing health care professionals with their clients’ needs in mind. It features intuitive and easy to navigate screens that provide hearing health care professionals with all the tools they need for a successful fit.

Automatic performance with SmartFocus is a technology that enables the custom blending of the hearing instruments’ response based on high-resolution sensing and precise classification of the complex sound environment. SmartFocus works in the background, combining adaptive features for optimal speech intelligibility or comfort. depending on the situation.

The new models also utilize the Pinna Effect, which uses the location of the hearing instrument microphones to alter the natural sound enjoyed by people with normal hearing. Pinna Effect uniquely corrects for the location of the hearing instrument microphones, providing more natural directionality, particularly at high frequencies.

Natural Sound Balance continuously monitors the combination of unamplified and amplified sounds entering the ear canal. It makes precise adaptive adjustments to deliver one clear, balanced signal.

Finally, all of Unitron’s Era platform hearing aids offer advanced broadband wireless capabilities for a fast and stable wireless connection.

SOURCE: Unitron