Oticon has provided $5,000 in grant funding to Sertoma which will go toward the organization’s college scholarship program to support five exceptional students with hearing loss, the company says.

Oticon has been a supporter of the Sertoma Scholarship for the Hard of Hearing or Deaf, a prominent scholarship program dedicated to students with hearing loss, since its inception in 1994. The scholarship is open to students with bilateral hearing loss who are graduating from high school or pursuing four-year college degrees in any field.

Over the years, more than 170 students have been granted scholarships funded by Oticon, the company says.

“At Oticon, we believe that young people with hearing loss have the potential to make enormous contributions to the world,” says Mike Marcinek, VP & GM, government services and pediatrics for Oticon. “Through our life-changing technology, we give students the support they need to excel in and outside the classroom. The Sertoma Scholarship program is a further investment in their future that lets students know we have confidence that they can achieve their goals, whatever they may be.”

The 2023 scholarship recipients are Sophia Fernandez – Rochester Institute of Technology; Lila Hodgin – Indiana University Bloomington; Mackenzie McCarron – University of North Carolina at Wilmington; Zachary Muller – University of Kansas; and Maggie Stewart – University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Sertoma receives submissions for the annual scholarship program from talented students all over the country. The scholarship awards can be utilized for various educational expenses such as tuition fees, books, supplies, and other related costs. Recipients are free to allocate the funds for any semester, including the summer term, within the academic year for which they were awarded.

Photo: Dreamstime