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The LMH Pediatric Screener to Assure Appropriate Amplification: An Interview with Jane Madell, PhD

Pediatric audiologists Jane Madell, PhD, and Joan Hewitt, AuD, have recently modified the Ling Six Sound Test—which is widely used to ensure children hear all the sounds they need to with hearing aids and cochlear implants—so it now includes more information in the important speech mid-frequencies. Douglas Beck, AuD, interviews Dr Madell about this new test and its use.

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Research Shows COVID-19 Can Infect Inner Ear

Stankovic recommends that hearing tests be routine for anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. Or, if a patient presents with new-onset hearing loss, tinnitus, or vertigo, and has had any exposure to the virus, they should be tested and monitored for worsening symptoms by their healthcare provider.

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