Phonak, a global provider of hearing solutions, announced new additions to its Lumity hearing aid platform, which broadens its portfolio to address the unique requirements of kids, teenagers, and adults with severe-to-profound hearing loss, as well as individuals with unaidable hearing loss in one ear.

The new offerings include Sky, Naída, and CROS. The current Lumity range also has some color and performance level extensions. 

“Conversations lie at the heart of life, from a baby listening to their parents’ lullaby to an elderly couple reminiscing about a well-loved movie,” says Oliver Frank, VP of Marketing at Phonak. “This launch builds on the great success of Lumity. We are thrilled to extend access to this newest technology, impacting the overall well-being of its users. This means that individuals of all ages and various levels of hearing loss can benefit from it. By introducing Sky, Naída, and CROS to the Lumity family, we uphold our commitment to providing the industry’s widest range of high-quality Swiss- engineered hearing solutions. After all, conversations should shine for everyone.”

The Flagship Pediatric Hearing Aid, Sky Lumity

Children spend nearly 90% of their elementary school days exposed to speech in noisy environments.(1) This is why Sky Lumity (L) hearing aids incorporate enhanced technology designed exclusively for kids, prioritizing speech understanding in noise. The Sky L hearing aids are designed so children can effortlessly engage with others, whether close together or on the move. 

When used with Roger—an intelligent wireless technology that transmits speech directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants, helping to overcome distance and noise—children experience 34% better speech understanding(2) compared to using hearing aids alone, granting them access to an additional 5,300 words per day.(3)

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Sky L hearing aids work with myPhonak Junior, the industry’s only dedicated pediatric app. The highly rated myPhonak Junior app empowers kids by giving them fine control over their hearing aids, giving a sense of ownership and personal connection to their devices. Parents can also utilize the app to monitor wearing time, schedule remote consultations with hearing care professionals, and set parental controls.

“Sky L represents the culmination of 50 years of unwavering dedication to pediatric solutions, research, and resources for clinicians and families,” says Angela Pelosi, senior director of Audiology. “With Phonak, parents can be confident that their child will receive an innovative and tailored hearing solution, backed by studies specifically developed for and with children.”

The Naída Lumity

The Naída Lumity (L) includes new features that are designed to prioritize speech understanding, and are powered by AutoSense OS 5.0, Phonak’s most advanced operating system to date. This technology leverages AI-based machine learning, and continuously analyzes the environment 700 times per second, automatically adapting to the wearer’s unique listening environment, the company says.

Coupling Naída L with Roger technology significantly enhances the listening experiences of their users in challenging communication-driven group scenarios, according to Phonak.

CROS Lumity: a Solution for Unaidable Hearing Loss in One Ear

Tailored to individuals with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, CROS Lumity (L) hearing aids wirelessly transmit voices and sounds from the unaidable ear to a compatible hearing aid on the other side. By pairing with a Phonak Lumity hearing aid, CROS Lumity adjusts to enhance situational awareness and improve speech understanding and is also compatible with Roger for improved hearing over distance and noise. 

Personalized control is available for CROS L-R through both the myPhonak and myPhonak Junior apps.

More Color Options

Having listened to consumers’ feedback, Phonak is now able to offer more color options. Sky L hearing aids will be available in 14 different colors. Audéo L, LR and Life will also be available in three of the new exciting colors: Electric Green, Caribbean Pirate and Precious Pink.

More Phonak Slim Options

So far, Phonak Slim has been available in levels 90 and 70. Now it will also be available in levels 50 and 30.

Naída L-PR and L-UP, Sky L-PR and L-UP, CROS L-R, and Slim in 50 and 30 levels will be available to order by licensed hearing care professionals in the U.S. and other select markets beginning August 9, 2023.

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Featured image: The Phonak Sky Lumity in a charging case. Photo: Phonak


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