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Family-Centered Care Resource Platform Created by Phonak

Phonak has launched of a new dedicated platform on Family-Centered Care (FCC), an approach to hearing healthcare that recognizes the vital role the family plays in the treatment process. Based on this insight, an expert circle brought together by Phonak and chaired by Professor Louise Hickson, PhD, developed specific recommendations for hearing care professionals on how to implement FCC in daily clinical practice.

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Family-Centered Audiology Care: Emotion and Reason in Hearing Healthcare

Exploration of domains related to the emotional experiences of the patient and family will act to sensitize our clientele to the topic of emotion, and possibly address underlying motivations for their visit. At a minimum, the evidence suggests that conversations about the emotional impact of hearing loss will provide a better understanding of the patient’s and family’s disability experience, foster a stronger therapeutic alliance, and likely lead to more positive practice outcomes, such as greater treatment adherence, more open and honest communication with patients, and greater patient satisfaction.

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Family-centered Care: Working with Partners Reporting “Incongruent” Hearing Aid Outcome

Discussing the opinions of a person with hearing loss whose perception about their hearing differs significantly from their family’s perceptions can be awkward. However, these situations can be used to positively share experiences and change perspectives when addressed in a supportive environment. Authors Gabrielle Saunders, PhD, Jill Preminger, PhD, and Nerina Scarinci, PhD show you how.

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