Phonak has announced the launch of a new dedicated platform on Family-Centered Care (FCC). FCC is an approach to hearing healthcare that recognizes the vital role the family plays in the treatment process. It considers both the clients and their family members as partners throughout the audiological journey.

FCC has become a success model in healthcare over the last decade and is now finding its way into hearing healthcare. Based on this insight, an expert circle brought together by Phonak and chaired by Professor Louise Hickson, PhD, from the University of Queensland, Australia, developed specific recommendations for hearing care professionals on how to implement FCC in daily clinical practice.

The new landing page is an integral part of the Phonak website for Professionals. It provides a general overview about the initiative in a short and easy-to-understand fashion, as well as a summary of all journal publications and corresponding infographics. In addition, relevant scientific evidence and publications can be downloaded and shared directly from the site.

Under the Experts section, an introduction of the FCC experts consisting of a select international group of 16 hearing healthcare experts and researchers can be found.

“With this dedicated information platform, we offer hearing care professionals an easy and compact way to keep informed about our activities and the benefits of FCC,” said Ora Buerkli, Vice President Global Audiology at Phonak. “The site will continually grow as we progress with this initiative, so that it will become a hub of expertise for all matters concerning early involvement of family members throughout the whole audiological treatment and rehabilitation process.”

The Hearing Review has published a series of key articles related to the FCC approach:

Family-centered Adult Audiologic Care: A Phonak Position Statement. By Gurjit Singh, PhD; Louise Hickson, PhD; Kris English, PhD; Sigrid Scherpiet, PhD; Ulrike Lemke, PhD; Barbra Timmer, MACAuD; Ora Buerkli-Halevi, MS; Joseph Montano, EdD; Jill Preminger, PhD; Nerina Scarinci, PhD; Gabrielle H. Saunders, PhD; Mary Beth Jennings, PhD, and Stefan Launer, PhD. Apr 2016 Hearing Review.

Family-centered Audiology Care: Working with Difficult Conversations. By Kris English, PhD; Mary Beth Jennings, PhD; Christopher Lind, PhD; Joseph Montano, EdD; Jill Preminger, PhD; Gabrielle Saunders, PhD; Gurjit Singh, PhD; Elizabeth Thompson, AuD. August 2016 Hearing Review.

Family-centered Audiology Care: Making Decisions and Setting Goals Together. By Louise Hickson, PhD; Christopher Lind, PhD; Jill Preminger, PhD; Brittany Brose, AuD; Rebecca Hauff, and Joseph Montano, PhD. Nov 2016 Hearing Review.

Family-centered Audiology Care: How Do I Implement Family-centered Care in My Practice? By Bettina Turnbull, MAud. December 2016 Hearing Review.

Family-centered Audiology Care: Working with Partners Reporting “Incongruent” Hearing Aid Outcome, by Gabrielle Saunders, PhD, Jill Preminger, PhD, and Nerina Scarinci, PhD. February 2017 Hearing Review.

Family-Centered Audiology Care: Emotion and Reason in Hearing Healthcare. By Gurjit Singh, PhD; Caitlinn Barr, PhD; Joseph Montano, EdD; Kris English, PhD; Frank Russo, PhD, and Stefan Launer, PhD. May 2017 Hearing Review.

Phonak has also recently convened an expert FCC panel for pediatric audiology. For more information, visit: