Author: Hearing Review Staff

AAA 2019 Convention Features "The Best of Audiology” in Columbus, Ohio

Adding value to audiology services, connectivity and remote care with hearing aids, and the dynamic changes in hearing healthcare—ranging from reimbursement to over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids—were some of the major themes of the 2019 American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Convention held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Ohio on March 27-30.

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Link Between Sleep Disturbances and Alzheimer's Disease Explored in Article

The research suggests that increased production of amyloid beta and tau and reduced elimination of these proteins is the primary contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease. While quality sleep seems to be able to help the body clear excess proteins, “the question remains whether sleep disruption aggravates [Alzheimer’s disease] symptoms and augments disease progression, or if sleep disruption actually initiates the cascade of [Alzheimer’s disease] development,” the researchers wrote.

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Otoharmonics' Levo System Now Available to Patients Receiving Care from VA

Otoharmonics Corporation, a US veteran-owned company offering sound therapy for tinnitus management, announced it has been awarded a five-year Federal Supply Schedule Medical Equipment and Supply contract, making Levo available immediately to patients receiving care within the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Bureau of Prisons, Indian Heads Services, and Public Health Services.

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