Month: June 2011

New Hands-Free Phone Solution

Amplicom USA, Wantagh, NY has introduced a new N100 Induction Neckloop, an accessory that allows hearing aid wearers to have a hands-free phone conversation without feedback or interference.

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Small Changes Have Big Implications

When my long-time friend and HR editorial board member Wayne Staab, PhD, approached me about publishing an article on an “earmold” that is akin to an inflatable balloon, I wasn’t quite sure if he was serious at first. But then there was that sm

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Collegiate Musicians’ Noise Exposure and Attitudes on Hearing Protection

Inconsistent use of hearing protection, along with reported instrument playing time and recreational noise exposure, places many of college-age individuals at risk for permanent damage to their hearing and additional auditory problems, such as tinnitus, hyperacousis, and diplacusis. Results of this study support the need for education about noise/music-induced auditory damage along with promotion of healthy hearing habits at the collegiate level.

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