Pierce, Colo — Just Bekuz Products offers a new smaller size BTE case seal, adding to its Mini, Standard, and Large Super Seals.

The new Micro model will accommodate the popular smaller size BTEs, such as those offered by Rexton, ReSound, Oticon, and Phonak’s Audéo.

Like the company’s original Super Seals, the Micro is designed to guard BTE hearing aids against moisture, dirt, and other pollutants. Just Bekus offers starter kits with 12 Super Seals and a three-pronged tool used to apply them to the BTE.

Just Bekuz says that it developed the new Super Seal size based on BTE manufacturer input and speaking with customers.

Currently, the Micros are available only in beige and neutral. Other Super Seals® are available in beige, neutral, and several other colors.

SOURCE: Just Bekuz