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Hansaton Launches Excite Hearing System Platform

Two versions of Hansaton’s new sound XC external receiver systems will be available in June 2019, catering to hearing system wearers’ individual needs in terms of convenience and user habits: the sound XC runs on a disposable size-312 battery, while the rechargeable AQ sound XC uses a lithium-ion battery.

Rechargeable Batteries: A Study of Time Savings and Ease of Use

Two commonly cited benefits of rechargable hearing aids are ease of use and time savings. This study found it significantly (~75%) faster and easier to insert then remove the Audéo B-R from the charger case versus inserting the disposable hearing aid battery, in both the participants’ normal condition and a simulated reduced dexterity condition. The impact of simulated reduced dexterity on speed was disproportionately greater for disposable battery insertion compared with rechargeable insertion/removal.

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